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Tinfor Automobile (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd is the sales arm of Shaaxi Heavy Duty Automobile Import & Export Co.,Ltd, the top rated Chinese heavy duty truck manufacturer and designer, focusing on the export of various heavy duty truck types including dump truck, semi-truck, cement mixer truck, fire trucks, garbage trucks, water spray truck and other various large trucks for specialized needs.

Instead of selling trucks, Tinfor Automobile is more preferred to provide the most fittest trucking solution for your project, based on the comprehensive understanding on the background of your projects. On the past 4 years, we have built up full experience on government bidding projects, railway/highway projects, construction projects and many others.

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Customer Background Investigation

What will the truck be used for?   What items will it carry?   How much is the transportation distance?  How is the road condition? Is it extreme cold or hot weather? etc…

Tinfor Automobile Delivery Truck Solution

Tinfor Automobile decides the right truck model considering both the customer requirments and the other factors(certificate, emission standard, driving mode, particular local traffic rules etc)

Bilateral Evaluation on Whole Project

After Tinfor Automobile delivers the trucking solution together, we will advise bilateral talk on the re-evaluation of the project, to ensure the whole project is going on the right way

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SHACMAN office building

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    8th Floor Room 805, Jia‘anda Building, Dalang Community, Longhua District, Shenzhen.


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