Dump Truck Manufacturer Customer Case: 6X4 F3000 Dump Truck for Quarry Site


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Shacman 6X4 dump truck

Dump Truck Manufacturer Customer Case: 6X4 F3000 Dump Truck for Quarry Site

Customer Inquiry: 6X4 Dump trucks with 30 Ton load capacity, 6X6, AMT Application: Trucks will be operation in quarry sites, carrying stones material up to 1.35 ton. Some times it will be used for external work and transport giant stones…
dump truck tire

Truck Engineer from Top Chinese Truck Manufacturer Tell You How to Equip Tires for Your Truck

We all know that truck tire is the key part of heavy duty trucks, which directly influence the truck safety and productivity. If we do not pay attention on the tire specification when configuring trucks, the unproper tires will lower…
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Second-hand used truck, does it really help you save money?

Some customers are quite hesitating between second-hand used heavy truck and brand new heavy duty trucks. If buy second-hand used heavy duty trucks, it will save bulk of money. But the maintenance fee will be times of the truck cost.…
truck head suplier

Brief Introduction on Chinese Truck Manufacturer Shacman Automobile Engineering R&D Team

A truck is consisted by over thousands of spare parts. Every part is important as it influences drivers safety and its productivity performance directly. Shacman heavy duty truck always goes through by a series of test before OQC. Where, over…
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Shacman 2020 Mid Year Market Report, 104,000 truck Units Sold

In the beginning of July, all Chinese heavy duty truck manufacturers got their half year sales report back. As the top heavy truck factories, Shacman is hitting a new historical record. Backing to work in late February, Shacman has sold…
Shacman Automobile Engineering Institute Speed Up the Development of Heavy Duty Truck Auto-parking System

Shacman Automobile Engineering Institute Speed Up the Development of Heavy Duty Truck Auto-parking System

In the first half year of 2020, as the top semi trailer truck manufacturer in China, Shacman Automobile Engineering Institute actively developed exclusively self-retained technology, speeding up the innovation on new product and new technology. Serving for over hundreds of…
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Fire Truck Manufacturer, the Shacman 10 Ton Dry Powder Foam Fire Truck

6000KG Water + 2000KG Foam + 2000KG Dry Powder KWZ5280TXFGP120DL was developed with the latest technology and new material. Refitted from Shacman SX1275JT464 chassis, this vehicle is easy operated with great durability and comfort. It has become the first option…
shacman semi truck

Hazardous Material Transportation Truck Explosion, what should we learn as the semi truck manufacturer

June 13, 16: 46, a Chinese semi truck with plate number zhe CM9535 carrying liquefied gas got explosion when drove on highway. The gas tank got 2nd explosion after being throwing away from the truck and smashes a manufacturing facility.…
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China Tipper Truck Manufacturer Road Test – Shacman X3000 Dump Truck Full Load Road Test

Road test is the very important process during the truck R&D and production. By stimulating the actual truck working enviroment, the truck will fix a lot of problems during the test.  The road test will be done under extreme road…
dump truck production

Aerial Top Chinese Dump Truck Manufacturers’ Production Base – Shacman

Aerial top dump truck manufacturer, see the most magenificant heavy duty truck production base all over the world. Here, over 28,000 Shacman members work hard together, delivering productivity, reliability and comfort to every customers and partners. Shacman heady duty truck…
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President Xi Jinping Visited Shacman Heavy Duty Truck Production Line

On April 22nd President Xi Jinping started his 3 days trip in Shaaxi Province. His first station is to visit Shaanxi Automobile Holding Group, the top truck manufacturer in Shaanxi Province, northwest China. As the biggest construction equipment manufacturer, Shacman…
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Certificate We Have Applied for Shacman Heavy Trucks

ISO90001 for General Manufacturers ISO90001 is the certificate about heavy duty truck production management, including raw material purchasing to outgoing and aftersale service. It’s the certificate to evaluate the qualification of the enterprice instead of certain product or service. Shacman…

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