Blog Brief Introduction on Chinese Truck Manufacturer Shacman Automobile Engineering R&D Team

Brief Introduction on Chinese Truck Manufacturer Shacman Automobile Engineering R&D Team

August 6, 2020  |  68 views

A truck is consisted by over thousands of spare parts. Every part is important as it influences drivers safety and its productivity performance directly. Shacman heavy duty truck always goes through by a series of test before OQC. Where, over 90% tests are responsible by Shacman Automobile Engineering Institute.
Shacman Automobile Engineering Institute was established in 2010, with over 600 well-educated engineers who are back ground at automobile. Every year, the institute will absorbe over 50 newly graduated mater degree college students from China top university as the new energy to R&D team.
Shacman Automobile Engineering Institute has 6 department together, which takes different reponsiblities.

Civil Truck Department
They mainly work on how to improve the truck features and quality, to make sure the truck not only meet local rules and laws maximumly but also be productive and reliable in daily work. Lightened version, fuel saving and smart truck are also the classic topics which needs shacman engineers to do more furtherly.

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Military Truck Department
This department is responsible for the R&D on military trucks. Shacman was back grounded at military truck in 1980s. Our trucks have been demonstrated in national parade for 5 times. We are also the number 1 in military truck exporting truck, exporting to Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan, Ethiopia and other countries.

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New Energy Truck Department
hacman started marketing the LNG trucks in 2005. With 15 years fast growing, our new energy trucks are positioning the top among all Chinese truck manufacturers. New energy department takes responsibility on design and development of high power heavy duty semi truck and new 8×4 electrical heavy load dump truck

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Electrical and Electronic Department
The team is concentrating on the optimization of electrical upgrade, controller self-development and network & completed truck simulation test. Also it’s important to listen to the market invoice and transfer it into improvement.

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Stimulation Verification Department
Focusing on CAE analysis, HD platform, new energy product virtual analysis, comprehensive digitl technological verification and module modeling.

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Verification Department
This team takes the reponsibility on key verifications on all shacman truck models including L6000 4×2 lorry truck, M6000 8×4 lorry truck, L6000 pure electrical lorry truck, M3000 8×4 dump trucks, L3000 basic trucks etc. The 3D printers keep high efficient work all the day.

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The team are dealing with all truck quality tests under different weather, road conditions and alttitude. Spare part quality test is also their daily work

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    8th Floor Room 805, Jia‘anda Building, Dalang Community, Longhua District, Shenzhen.


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