Blog Certificate We Have Applied for Shacman Heavy Trucks

Certificate We Have Applied for Shacman Heavy Trucks

April 21, 2020  |  481 views

ISO90001 for General Manufacturers
ISO90001 is the certificate about heavy duty truck production management, including raw material purchasing to outgoing and aftersale service. It’s the certificate to evaluate the qualification of the enterprice instead of certain product or service. Shacman has passed ISO90001 rom 2005.

TS16949 for Heavy Duty Truck Makers
It’s IATF16949, the technical standard for international automobile industry including heavy duty truck manufacturers and automobile spare part manufacturers. Based on ISO9001, TS16949 add the technical standards of automobile industry. It’s not applied for other industry.

truck made in China

Shacman Truck Under Crash Test

ECE for Algeria
ECE is the certificated required for Algeria. Shacman has applied CEC certificate for F2000, F3000 and L3000.

EAC Certification for Eurasian Econoic Union
EAC is required for Russia, Belarus, Yerevan, Kazakstan and Kyrgyzstan.The certification and approval of truck and passenger cars in Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union is aimed at reliably ensuring the protection of life and health as well as the protection of the environment in the EAEU countries within the framework of the technical regulation TR CU 018/2011 On safety of wheeled vehicles.

Eurasion Region is the key market of Shacman. To serve customers well,  Shacman has applied EAC for all shacman truck models including F2000, F3000, X3000 and L3000.

shacman f3000 dump truck

GCC Certification – Mandatory Truck/ Certification for Middle East
A GCC, or general certificate of conformity, is required of manufacturers and importers of certain “general use” products including heavy duty trucks. GCC is required for Middle East. Shacman F2000, F3000 and X3000 have been certified by GCC.

Iran needs CEC certificate if the heavy duty truck will be exported to Iran. Shacman F3000and X3000 have got CEC certificate

truck chinese

Shacman F3000, M3000, H3000 and X3000 are certified by VTA, which is the finished truck certificate for Malaysia

Indonesia needs CCC if the heavy truck will be exported to this country. Shacman F3000 and H3000 have already got CCC for Indonesia.



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