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China 2nd Hand Truck Factory Rejected My Friend Request

November 29, 2022  |  125 views

Recently I helped my client source 2nd hand truck who is not familiar with china supply chain. I have stayed in manufacturing industry for 12 years, with dealing with over hundreds of factories. Also i have been a sales and I know what are factories thinking quite well.So sometimes I help some of my client purchase some items from China, including crushers, wheel loaders, coveralls, drilling machines, etc all kinds of different goods.

My client wants to buy a 2nd hand truck instead of brand new Shacman truck due to below reasons.
1) He has professional technician who are good at maintaining truck
2) He can get truck spare parts easily
3) It’s much cheaper and cost saving

I had to tell him the truth that in their country, the emission standard is euro 2, while in China we gave it up long years ago, and now our emission standard is euro 6. That means in China market, the 2nd hand trucks are mostly euro 5 or euro 6. If their emission standard is EURO 2, their diesel fuel quality might not be able to run the EURO 5/6 truck well. Also in China, all trucks are left hand driving, while the client want right hand driving. The 2nd hand truck s changed to right hand by some truck maintenance store which is not professional enough.

Also I stated the risks, client insisted me to help him to find 2nd hand truck. So I helped him source vendors. I found 6 companies who do 2nd hand truck export business and added all of them on wechat. I said I want to know the 2nd truck for export, please approve me for business details. However, 3 days pasted, only 1 factory approved me. After short talk, I understand why this factory approve me. They not only deal with 2nd hand trucks, but also sell new trucks. However, this sales guy convinced me give up 2nd hand truck because according to the feedback from his customer, the 2nd truck always has this or that problem. When customer try hard and fix all, the total cost is always enough to buy a new truck.

When I help my client buy other items, factories are always happy to approve me. But why most 2nd hand truck vendors ignore the business chance? If this business is honest, why they are afraid to talk to me? Is it because I’m Chinese, they thought I’m difficult to handle if the truck has big problems?

Businessman are always for business instead of charity.



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