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China Shacman Customized Truck for Cold Region

March 20, 2020  |  1,787 views


In certrain countries like Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Mongolia , the temperature is extremely low, which requires the truck coming with specified spare parts and features so that it could manage the cold weather. To ensure the truck performance and comfort, as the responsible dump truck manufacturers in China, Shacman does a series of customized improvement on our products.

Shacman Truck Solution for Cold Region – Warmth Cab

  • Cancel sunroof and back window where cold air go inside.
  • Low-temp resisted sealing strips are adopted.
  • Foaming treatment has been gone through on the cab to get better sealing so that cold air could not get inside. Even in minus 50 degree, the cab could keep warm and drivers could be comfortable.

Besides that, also we did a series of improvement such as electrical heating rearview mirror, painting polyurethane foam material, stronger AC heater, low-temp resisted materials. The cab could work well under temperature below minus 50 degree.

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Customized Dump Truck for Cold Region

Shacman Truck Solution for Cold Region – Pipe & Wire & braking System & fuel system

  • Use soft nylon pipe in braking system which could work under -50 ~ 100 degree.
  • Use low-temp resisted fuel pipe which could work well under -50 ~ 100 degree. WP10, WP12 and EGR truck model comes with fuel cold water treature, while ISM truck comes with electrical heating fuel filter
  • Use electrical heating oil tank so that the diesel would not get frozen under cold temperature
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Electrical Heating Fuel Tank

Shacman Truck Solution for Cold Region – Heating treasure for fuel system

  • The system includes heating type fuel sensor, heating type fuel pipe, heating set forfilters and controllers.
  • The system contains temperature sensor, when the temperature is lower than minus 5 degree, it starts automatically. When the temperature is higher than 14 degree, it turns off automatically.

Shacman Truck Solution for Cold Region – Heating System for Bottom Plate

The engine exhaust goes to the bottom plate and heating it, so that the plate will not get sticky due to low temperature

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Refit on Engine Exhaust




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