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China Shacman Trucks Sea Shipping Ways

April 24, 2022  |  345 views

Currently the high sea shipping fee is the pain for all the truck factories and customers. Shacman truck width is 2.5 meters, while the 40HQ container is 2.352m. Shacman truck height is at least 3.5 meters, while the 40HQ container is 2.69 meters. Obviously we can not fit the trucks in a container. But how did we ship the trucks?

As the biggest truck manufacturer in China who focus on the oversea market since 2005, manually exported over 300,000 truck units over the world, so today we’ll let you know the general 3 shipping methods to ship trucks.

Method 1, Via bulk carrier ship
Bulk carriers are a type of ship which transports cargoes in bulk quantities. The cargo transported in such ships is loose cargo i.e. without any specific packaging to it and generally contains items like trucks, excavators, food grains, ores and coals and even cement.
Normally bulk carrier ship is the cheapest among the 3 methods. But a problem is that, for some non-popular ship lines, bulk carrier ship is not available. Customers are forced to go with other shipping methods.

Method 2, Via Roll on Roll off ship
RoRo or Roll on Roll off ship is a special type of vessel which is used for the transportation of automobile vehicles. Also known as car carriers, these vessels have special inclines (ramps) constructed so as to make the loading and the unlading of vehicles and cargo easier and more convenient.

RoRo ship is the 2nd choice after bulk carrier ship for Shacman heavy duty trucks. In some sea port, there is no bulk carrier ship destinated to, but RoRo ship is available. But if the sea port has both bulk carrier ship and RoRo ship available, we normally advise to go with bulk carrier ship because customers will save large amount of money.
RORO ship-Shacman truck sea shipping

Method 3, via Flat Rack Container
Flat rack containers are especially suitable for heavy loads and cargo that needs loading from the top or sides, such as pipes and machinery. It’s internal size is 11.65×2.38×1.955 meter, with payload 35 Ton.

If the flat rack container fit only 1 truck unit, the sea shipping fee will be the highest without any doubt. But for in some cases, we can try to fit 2 trucks when the truck length are flexible for arrangement.
shacman Truck Flat Rack Shipping

In most sea ports, not all the 3 methods are available. We can check with forwarders for all the possible and compare the rate and make the right decision.



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