Blog Customer Case: Dump Truck Manufacturer Shacman Engineer New Solution Help Customer Save Cost

Customer Case: Dump Truck Manufacturer Shacman Engineer New Solution Help Customer Save Cost

April 19, 2021  |  640 views

Customer is from Anguilla and running a mining site. They need very strong truck carrying big stone(up to 1/2 cub) from the site to the plant.
Customer Mining Site, Provided by customer
Chinese dump truck manufacturer

As communicated with customer, he prefered mining truck instead of general dump truck. Because based on his experience, the normal dump truck is too weak to carry such big heavy stone. The dump body will be destroyed easily during its work.

We proposed 70 Ton Tongli Kuangwei Mining truck as below. Basic Specs As below
Max Load: 70 Ton
Engine: Weichai WD12G430 E310
Gearbox: Fast 7DS200
Axle: Front 16T + Rear 30T double reduction
Dump Cargo Body: 5800x3100x1800, board 18mm + side board 12mm
Truck Total Volume: 116cbm

shacman mining dump truck

The biggest advantage for mining truck is that it is very strong. During the load of big stone, the dump body will get huge impact. Mining truck is strong enough to carry the compact. But the mining truck has another disadvantage. It takes very high cost on daily maintenance. Comparing with general dump truck, it will get broken much frequently because its technology is not mature actually.

However, as further evaluation based on the quarry site photo, Shamcan engineering team think there will be a better solution than Kuangwei mining truck. New solution is F3000 8X4 dump truck with mining dump body
Max Load: 70 Ton
Engine: Cummins ISME420
Gearbox: Fast 12JSD200T-B + QH50
Axle: Front 9.5T, 16T ultra wide double reduction 5.262
Dump Truck Body: 6800x2350x1500mm, punched, platform 14mm side 10mm.
Total Volume: 88 CBM

china tipper truck tipper truck manufacturer

Comparing with mining dump truck, Shacman new solution helps customer save 23% purchasing cost, 32% sea shipping cost. What’s more, the new proposal is the best quality model, it will save at least 40% of his daily maintenance cost.

For Shacman, the most important is not selling products, is to help our customer to get the most suitable trucks for their projects.



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