Blog Customer Question: Why your Shacman Truck price is so high, we know some companies selling at very low price

Customer Question: Why your Shacman Truck price is so high, we know some companies selling at very low price

July 21, 2022  |  369 views

We have some customers complaint to us: why your truck price is so high? You see this Alibaba product link, their price is so adorable?

I clicked the link, and checked in details. It’s no doubt the price listed on Alibaba is extremely attractive. Only 80% of our official quote, or even less. I try to convince customer by sending them Shacman registration certificate, TS16949, ISO9001, ISO14001 etc certificates. But still cannot answer their questions.

So why some trading companies sell the trucks much cheaper than manufacturer?

Firstly, marking an extremely low price on their online shop is the very effective marketing strategy. Customer always feel the most interested in the low price among the bulks of similar products. But this kind of low price truck is always not a valid online shopping page. Even it listed 1USD for a truck, you can not place order online. If you have interests, you need to send inquiry and talk with them directly. By that time, you will get another price which is totally different with the Alibaba page.

2ndly, no trading company can offer a price even lower than the manufacturer. No matter how many units they placed at one time to Shacman manufacturer, the price differ within 2%. However, I found an Alibaba Shacman dump truck link, 1 units 46000usd, while 10 units 41800USD. Price differs in 4200USD. A painful truth is that, for Shacman manufacturer, when we sell a truck at 46000usd, our profit is even less than 4200USD. How can a trading company manage it so easily?

China truck manufacturer steps the world market after EU, US, JP and KR brands. To seize the market from these brands rapidly, when the truck load, main specifications are in the same level, Shacman truck price will be much lower, at the same time, all China truck manufacturers owns low profit. China is large population country, the production for trucks creates thousands of job opportunity to the society, which is much more meaningful comparing to profit.

3rdly, trucks are half-customized product instead of solid product with the same features and specifications. We always advise customers not compare the prices only ignoring the truck specifications. For example, if the 6×4 dump truck comes with 12.00R24 tire, its cost will be 2000usd higher than the trucks with 12.00R20. 400L aluminum fuel tank is better than 300L iron tank. Thick dump unit is more durable than thin dump units, with its cost higher as well. If we forget about the specification and compare the price only, we will go to the wrong way.

All in all, we kindly remind all customers buying Shacman trucks through authorized distributors. If you have any question during the truck application, you will be welcomed to contact us for assistance anytime.

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