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Difference between Shacman Truck and HOWO truck

June 15, 2021  |  2,384 views

We know both Shacman and HOWO as the top leading truck manufacturer in China. In oversea market, we meet HOWO frequently in the same projects. Some customers also feel confused when make final decision. To tell the truth, HOWO is a strong competitor who pushes our improvement all the time which we respect a lot. Today we are going to talk about the difference between Shacman Truck and HOWO trucks objectively.

HOWO trucks

In oversea market, F3000 is the most popular model and Howo 7 is the best selling in Howo. We are going to have a fundamental comparison over the 2 truck models.

To say comprehensively, HOWO uses more imported spare parts than Shacman trucks, as the strong evidence of quality. In HOWO A7, you may see spare part from WABCO, VOSS, VDO, BEHR, MAN+HUMMEL, ZF etc. However, for shacman engineers, they focus more on how to make all spare parts working together smoothly. So over the 20 years research and development, Shamcan engineers listen to the voice from customers closely and the F3000 has been upgrade for times, forming the fixed supply chain which is steady and reliable.

china tipper truckDespite the difference on design cosmetic, the two leading Chinese heavy truck manufacturer differ a lot in the powertrain and chassis/frame, which also lead to the difference in cost and quality directly.

About the powertrain, Shacman has established the most famous Golden POWER TRAIN(consists of Weichai Engine, Fast Axle and Hande Axle) in China market, which is copied by a lot of Chinese new heavy duty truck manufacturers. At the same time, Shacman is the member of Weichai Group, while Fast is the member of Fast Group. Also Handle axle is the most popular axle in China. Howo designs its powertrain but at this moment, it does not sell to open market. The powertrain is supplied for HOWO only. Last but not least, in 2004 Shacman and Cummins established a joint factory, concentrating on the manufacturing of Cummins engine, as another option for high-end market.

Chassis is another key factor influencing the quality directly. The 2 Chinese truck manufacturer have their own advantage in this part. HOWO 7 material for truck frame is ZQS500L while Shacman trucks is 510L. ZQS500L has 10% extra strength than 510L. This is also the reason why Howo 7 comes with 3 transverse while Shacman has 4. Also we can see from the spec sheet that Shacman F3000 has wider cross section. Or we can say HOWO 7 is lighter weight than Shacman F3000, but F3000 is more durable.

Both Shacman and HOWO are great Chinese truck brands, who grow up with each other for long time. They will work together and serve you more in the future.



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