Blog Difference between Single Reduction Axle and Double Reduction Axle

Difference between Single Reduction Axle and Double Reduction Axle

December 14, 2019  |  5,769 views

In the heavy duty truck industry, both single reduction axle and double reduction axle are widely used by every Chinese truck manufacturers. We are often asked by customers which they should go with, single reduction axle or double reduction axle? Today Tinfor engineers are going to have  a brief intruction on both.

Hande 13T single reduction axle

Hande 13T Single Reduction Axle

Single reduction axle has only one speed reducer to control the speed, while double reduction axle has a major speed reducer and a side speed reducing system. But how should we select regarding the difference between the two?

Due to the structure limit, single reduction drive needs bigger basin gear, which means the ground clearance will go smaller, resulting in the low passability. Double reduction axle resolve this conflict perfectly by installing a speed reducing gear between the axle shaft and the wheel. In this way, the basin gear of main speed reducer becomes smaller and the truck passability is improved. This is why double reduction axle could deal with more complicated road condition.

double reduction drive axle

Hande 13T Double Reduction Axle

Shacman have both single reduction and double reduction axles for customer variety business needs. Axle should be selected according to the transportation needs. Single reduction drive axle is more suitable for highway transportation, with higher working efficiency and low fuel consumption. So if your business is running on highway with good road condition, single reduction axle might work better.  Double reduction drive axle has big advantage for not good road condition. It gets higher passability and bigger output torque. This is why Shacman dump trucks and large payload trucks come with double reduction axle.




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