Blog Dump Truck Manufacturer Customer Case: 6X4 F3000 Dump Truck for Quarry Site

Dump Truck Manufacturer Customer Case: 6X4 F3000 Dump Truck for Quarry Site

September 18, 2020  |  1,573 views

Customer Inquiry: 6X4 Dump trucks with 30 Ton load capacity, 6X6, AMT
Application: Trucks will be operation in quarry sites, carrying stones material up to 1.35 ton. Some times it will be used for external work and transport giant stones up to 4 ton. Trucks will also be used to carry material to the loading barge on asphalt roads.
As the dump truck manufacturer, we request customer to send us the site photos for a comprehensive evaluation on road conditions, and operation environments. Customer provide quarry site photos as below.

After comprehensived evaluatation, SHACMAN truck proposed for this customer

1) We equip with 6X4 instead of 6X6
6X6 dump trucks are applicable for extremely tough road condition. But from the photo provide by our customer, actually, the road is not tough. We can see the existing mountain road established for the trucks.

construction dump truck manufacturer

It has clear road for dump truck work, 6X6 seems not essential

2) We equip rear axle speed ratio 5.92
As the images showed, the mountain is high and also the slop is really steep. That needs high speed ratio so that the truck could handle with slops easily.

dumper truck manufacturer

Very steep slope, but the truck is climping in empty

3) We equip 12 front + 2 reverse manual gearbox with overdrive gear.
AMT is new in China. Comparing with manual, AMT technology is not mature. Normally we do not recommend AMT dump trucks for customers. About manual gearbox, Since the truck will also run over asphalt road, overdrive gear is kept.

dump truck china factory

Truck will operate on asphalt road, overdrive gear is kept

4) We equip dump body with high strength steel instead of general steel.
Since the trucks will deal with big stones up to 4 ton, the dump body should be quite strong. We select 12mm platform board and 8mm side board made of high strength steel. Also the extra longeron will be added to ensure the truck is reliable and durable.



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