Blog First Shacman CHINA-EUROPE Special railway route Opened in September, 2020

First Shacman CHINA-EUROPE Special railway route Opened in September, 2020

September 25, 2020  |  550 views

First Shacman CHINA-EUROPE Special railway line departed from Xi’an on September 17. This railway line is destined to Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, designing for the transportation of Shacman heavy duty trucks exporting from China to countries along the roads including Kazakhstan, Russia etc. The total distance is over 9600km, taking only 11 days to finish. Comparing with sea freight which takes 45 days generally, train shipping will help customers receive the trucks 34 days in advance, which is much more efficient.

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In order to ship the trucks on time and in safe for European customers, Shacman established projecting team together with Xi’an ITL Group and Shaanxi Deshi Group, aiming to overcome the possible difficulties in the first time transportation positively.

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The operation of Shacman China-Europe special railway line which is supported by China Railway Express has provided another good transportation options to customers, helping Chinese heavy duty trucks to expand the market on the Belt and Road. It effectively meets the high demands from European customers on delivery leadtime, and benefits the marketing of Shacman on The Belt and Road countries.




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