Blog Fuel Cost Difference between CNG truck, LNG truck and Diesel truck

Fuel Cost Difference between CNG truck, LNG truck and Diesel truck

January 5, 2020  |  292 views

With the fast development of power system, CNG and LNG trucks are more and more popular nowadays. Some customers are not very sure on fuel cost difference between the three. They are quite hesitated to make choice. Today we are going to do some analysis to help your understanding.

Shacman LNG truck

Shacman LNG Truck

Let’s suppose CNG truck, LNG truck and diesel truck have the same cruise miles, suppose 800km.

CNG Truck
To achieve 800km cruise miles, CNG truck should come with 12 gas tanks, 8 tanks of 205L and 4 tanks of 140L. The total gas volume will be 2200L, around 440 CubM. However, 205L tanks is about 140KG while 140L tank is 102KG, which means the gas tank total weight is around 1.5 Ton.

LNG Truck
It could equip with single 850L gas tank, or 2 tanks of 450L, about 450 CubM. A 450L gas tank is about 900KG

Diesel Truck
Suppose the fuel consumption is 33L per 100KM. 800km distance needs 265L diesel, which means a 300L oil tank is enough.

cng truck

From the above form, we could see with the same distance, LNG truck carry 1.1 ton more than CNG truck, while diesel truck could carry 1.5T more.

If we know the local price of natural gas, we will know the fuel cost difference easily. We hope you will get help from the form.

lng truck



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