Blog Heavy Duty Truck Parts – Comparison between DISC Brake and Drum Brake

Heavy Duty Truck Parts – Comparison between DISC Brake and Drum Brake

December 17, 2019  |  845 views

Braking sytem is the key parts for a truck. Some customers are face this kind of confusion while purchasing a dump truck or semi truck, it’s always being so difficult to choose between the heavy duty truck with almost same configuration but different braking systems. In China heavy duty truck market, both drum brake and DISC brake are widely applied by major Chinese heavy duty truck brands. Here Shacman engineering team will discuss the main difference between drum brake and disc brake. 

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Drum Brake

A drum brake s a brake that uses friction caused by a set of shoes or pads tha press outward against a rotating part called a brake drum. It consists of a brake drum whose rotation is prevented by internal expanding brake shoes fitted with brake linings.

Disc Brake

Disc brake is a type of vehicle brake employing the friction of pads against a static disc which is attached to the wheel. It consists of brake disc whose rotation is prevented by friction pads.

COMPARISON Form of Drum Brake and DISC Brake

Heat Dissipation Poor Better
Weight More Less
Wear of Friction Pads Non Uniform wear due to curved friction lining Uniform wear due to flat friction pads
Anti Fade Characterisctics Good Anti Fade Characteristics Better Anti Fade Characteristics
Replacement of Friction Pads Difficult and Time Consuming Process Easy and Rapid Process
Cost Less Initial Cost Higher Initial Cost
Application Flat roads, highway with no long slide For moutain roads, long slope roads



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