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How Chinese Logging Truck Manufacturer Shacman Help You Propose the Best Trucks

February 18, 2022  |  458 views

Logging trucks are demanded in some African countries.In most cases, the truck carries heavy and big logs in the forest, with extremely terrible road situation, for example, long hills, full of bumps and hollows etc. Things will turn worse in rain season. So, for some customers it seems quite desired to have a reliable and durable trucks. In a long period, customers usually buy EU and US second hand trucks as the best options. They are not very trusted on Chinese made heavy duty trucks.
Benz Logging Truck

It is true that regarding the truck technology, the US, German or Sweden are more advanced than China. So in the beginning of 2000, China government put a lot of energy in importing the high and mature truck manufacturing production. Chinese truck manufacturers had very closed corporation with Benz, MAN, Scania, CAT, and we did dedicated improvements and developments.
Shacman Logging Truck Manufacturer

Shacman started the exportation of logging trucks to African countries in 2006. After 2-3 years, Shacman F2000 was recognized by the market little by little. At the same time, we keep collecting the market feedbacks from customers, and did improvement and development as well. In 2018, we stopped the production of F2000 logging trucks and updated to F3000, which is more durable and more productive.
Shacman F2000 Logging Truck



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