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How Do Chinese Truck Manufacturer Shacman Guarantee Customer Get the Right Truck

May 14, 2021  |  637 views

As high value products, it’s the most important to be sure that the truck will work well once it arrives at customer site. If the truck specs can not handle its job, it’s impossible to send it back and exchange for a right one due to the extremely high cost and long-distance delivery. Thus it’s very key to have comprehensive evaluation on customer requirement and recommend the truck specs fitting customer the best.

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Normally when we get the customer inquiry, we would like to confirm some details from customer. Maybe some customers feel impatient. But this is important to help us configure the truck specification. We take dump truck for example.

The country where the truck is exported to —— Emission standard, Right hand or Left hand Drive
Road Condition —— It decides the tire type and the speed ratio
Loading Capacity —— It decides the front & rear axle
The item the truck carry —— it decides the dump cargo size and platform thickness
The distance for single turn —— It decides if sleeping bed is needed, if the oil tank needs big capacity

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Based on above information, Shacman engineering team will have first time evaluation and lock the truck model and specifications.

After customer order is placed, first step for production is project evaluation. This is the more comprehensive evaluation than previous one. Normally we prefer customer provide videos or pictures for the truck working environment. Shacman Engineering Institute is responsible for order evaluation. This time we will evaluate from 3 aspects

1) If the truck model can fulfill customer’s daily application
2) If the truck specification is reasonable and not conflict with each other. For example, if the customer choose oil-bath filter, then the tire could be not 12.00R24, because the oil-bath filter is big, there will be no enough space for installing big size tire.
3) Comparing the truck specs with similar projects or projects from same area. In this step, we will find out the general specs for same projects or for same area, if the customer has different option with general choice, we’ll find out the reason and discuss with customer if we need to revise on it.

As the responsible heavy duty truck manufacturer, our purpose is not selling trucks to customer. Our responsibility is to make sure customer get the best truck which can benefit its project the most.

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