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How to Get Shacman Truck Spare Part?

December 27, 2021  |  521 views

For most customers, Chinese heavy duty trucks are atrractive because of its reasonable price and durable quality. But to a big stuff like heavy trucks which are being used for handling tough jobs, purchase is only the start. For all the customers, they have lots of concerns on what customer care service the manufacturer could provide after the pruchase. Because this is basic insurance. We are often asked by our customers,
1) How to get Shacman truck spare parts?
2) Is there any distributors available for local service?

Shacman Truck Spare Part

Today, we are going to introduce our customer care service.

First of all, Shacman provide warranty for our trucks. Dump trucks which handles heavy jobs in bad working environment, we provide 1 year warranty. Other trucks, we provide 2 years warranty.

Secondly, as the manufacutrer,  in the past 20 years, Shacman are trying hard to establish our own service network worldwide. Currently Shacman has sales offices in over 60 countries. In over 120 countries we have local distributor serving customers directly. Before the customer recieve their trucks via sea shipping, Shamcan will provide at least 3 nearest local distributors with key person contact information included. In most cases, Shacman customer can get local help easily.

Shacman Service Shop in Phillipines

Shacman 4S Shop in Davao, Phillipines

Thirdly,  besides the local distributors, customer can buy spare parts from us directly. When customer place order to us, normally we advise them to take some spare parts(especially wearing parts) for backup. These will be shipped together with the trucks, with low sea shipping cost. For some customer who purchase from China monthly or quarterly they can buy spare parts from us more easily, with short leadtime(15 days).

Last but not least, for customer who bought large quantity heavy trucks from Shacman, normally over 50 units, we could provide customized sales service. We will help customer design their spare part house and advise the annual spare part purchase programme. Shacman engineer will visit customer reguarly as well for service.

After-sales service is the very important part. Shacman is efforting to guarrantee the normal use and high productivity with whatever we can do maximumly.





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