Blog How to Start Truck Rapidly in Cold Temperature – Tips from Dump Truck Manufacturer

How to Start Truck Rapidly in Cold Temperature – Tips from Dump Truck Manufacturer

January 6, 2021  |  312 views

The winter of 2020 is colder than previous years, which is a great challenge for truck drivers. Low temperature makes it difficult to start the truck, because the engine air intake temperature is low, the working cylinder compression end temperature and pressure is low. It is not easy to ignite the combustible gas. Besides that, uncompleted atomization on fuel, the increase of lubricant viscosity and decrease on battery also contribute to make the truck start difficult. How to quickly and reliably start the engine at low temperatures in winter have important relationship with engine reliability and truck efficiency and lifetime.

Through years of practical experience, Shacman researchers share the following tips to teach you how to start your heavy truck rapidly.

First, improve the quality of the gas mixture in the cylinder by increasing the engine intake temperature.

Second, lowering the gas ignition point and reducing the compression ignition temperature of the gas in the cylinder.

Third, heating the fuel and supplementing with fuel pump to improve the flow and atomization ability of the fuel.

Fourth, raise the oil temperature, lower the oil viscosity, lower the back pressure of the intake and exhaust system, and reduce the engine starting resistance.

Fifth, as well as to improve the capacity and discharge capacity of the battery to enhance the low temperature starting performance of the engine.

Sixth, applying molybdenum disulfide to the starter and flywheel gear rings to improve starter contact reliability, and optimizing various measures to achieve low energy low-temperature starting by developing control devices in the most optimal way.

During the actual low-temperature starting verification process, it was concluded that low-temperature starting energy consumption control, fuel line sealing and starter exit control technology are also important factors for successful low-temperature starting. After retrofitting the low-temperature starting system device for different types of vehicles, the engine body can be started normally within 1min under -35℃ environment by using the heating device of the engine body. In the test room ambient temperature -40℃, low temperature start test, the shortest start time is only 9min28s, the longest time is 20min, far below the level of the industry, in the domestic leading.

For low combustion point combustible gas in low-temperature start, by using control technology to achieve engine warm-up after starting the engine research (no burst), the need for follow-up verification study, more shorten the low-temperature start time, expand the commercial vehicle low-temperature start technology, commercialization.



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