Blog Second-hand used truck, does it really help you save money?

Second-hand used truck, does it really help you save money?

August 17, 2020  |  483 views

Some customers are quite hesitating between second-hand used heavy truck and brand new heavy duty trucks. If buy second-hand used heavy duty trucks, it will save bulk of money. But the maintenance fee will be times of the truck cost. If buy brand new trucks, everything will be fine but the cost is too high.
As the heavy duty truck manufacturers, we always advise our customers go ahead with brand new trucks due to below reason.

You don’t know the exact truck status until you get it.
Although the seller will show you very completed long report to convince you the second-hand truck is in extremely great status, you will know the exact situation only when you have it. Another fact is that, if the truck does not run out of its life or experience big accident, very few owners would sell it.

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Accident trucks are the important source of exported heavy duty trucks

We have some customers bought 10 units of second hand trucks at half price of Shacman trucks. When the trucks arrived, most trucks were found with big problem and it could not be able to run well. Regarding the high sea freight cost, he would not be able to return them. No local support available, he had to pay another high cost for fix and maintenance.

The truck might not be acclimatized to local environment
China carried out EURO II standard from 2003 and EURO III was executed from 2007. Most used heavy trucks are EURO III or above emission standards which come with electronic fuel injection engines. However in most Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia countries, the emission standard is EURO II, which as a result, the fuel quality is not good. This decides local fuel cannot work on EFI engine well. This is the very common.

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Brand new trucks have problem, you can search for local support. But for used trucks, you need pay for high maintanance fee.

You want to save money but actually you pay more

A truck purchase cost is the small regarding to its total running cost. Maybe you aim to save money when you plan to buy a second hand trucks, but actually you will pay much more. You waste a lot of time looking for spare parts. You pay giant money for maintenance. Your project delays a lot due to the low productivity. Your customer complaint a lot and you might lose you business. That’s why we do not advise our customers go ahead with used trucks.

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Used trucks can not ensure your project productvity, but Shacman can.



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