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Exhaust Pipe At The Right, Special Customization For Zimbabwe

BACKGROUND: According to Zimbabwe latest lows, for all heavy duty vehicles, the outlet does not permit the discharge of exhaust gases to the left, near side or beneath the vehicle.

SOLUTION: Based on the law, Shacman team developed the discharge of exhaust gases to the right specifically for Zimbabwe market. 


Air Filter Protection on Shacman Dump Truck For Nigeria Customers

BACKGROUND: Shacman Dump Truck Customer from Nigeria reported that when loading and unloading the sand or grains, thematerial are easy going into the air filter and lead to the broken and worn-out of truck engine.

SHACMAN SOLUTION: To stop the entrying of sand and grains in the engine, Shacman team develops the air filter protection, which could stop the drop of small stones efficiently.
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Specialized Truck for Cold Area

BACKGROUND: In cold area such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Mongolia, the temperature is too low that some spare parts could not work well.

SHACMAN SOLUTION: To adapt to the low temperature environment, Shacman develops the low-temp version truck parts including Weichai WP10, WP12 and Cummins ISM engine, warm type cabin,, low-temp braking lines, low-temp wire, low-temp battery, warm enhanced AC, air intake heating, and electrical heating filters.

FEATURE: The trucks could work under minus 50 degree. Certain plastic parts in cabin could meet the lowest temperature minus 50 degree.



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