Blog Shacman 2020 Mid Year Market Report, 104,000 truck Units Sold

Shacman 2020 Mid Year Market Report, 104,000 truck Units Sold

July 16, 2020  |  107 views

In the beginning of July, all Chinese heavy duty truck manufacturers got their half year sales report back. As the top heavy truck factories, Shacman is hitting a new historical record. Backing to work in late February, Shacman has sold 104,000 truck units in total, with 28.3% year-on-year growth, ranking the 2nd after JAW.

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So how is Shacman’s performance on segment heavy duty truck market?

In semi trailer truck market, Shacman M3000 sold 20,000 units, ranking the number 1. M3000 is also the number 1 in special purpose truck market. Besides that, Shacman dump truck is also ranking the top, with total 31,023 units been sold.

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Although the covid-19 pandemic brought huge impact on heavy duty truck industry in early 2020, Shacman management team positively adjusted the marketing strategy and dedicated to develop the new trucks to take participate in the fight again covid-19. The upgrade of products and services lead to Shacman’s strong marketing life.

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