Blog Shacman Automobile Engineering Institute Speed Up the Development of Heavy Duty Truck Auto-parking System

Shacman Automobile Engineering Institute Speed Up the Development of Heavy Duty Truck Auto-parking System

July 6, 2020  |  141 views

In the first half year of 2020, as the top semi trailer truck manufacturer in China, Shacman Automobile Engineering Institute actively developed exclusively self-retained technology, speeding up the innovation on new product and new technology.

Serving for over hundreds of customers all over the world, Shacman has exported over 50,000 semi truck units over 100 countries. Shacman semi truck is widely applied in the port and logistic industry, where smarting driving technology is demanded for more and more customers. However, Smart driving technology is connected with large amount parking condition, and it’s also called the last mile of smart driving technology. To improve our product competitiveness and help our customers promote the daily productivity, Shacman R&D team established the project to develop the auto-parking system at the beginning of 2020.

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Since the establishment, Shacman R&D team overcomes the difficulty brought by the covid-19 virus, after work resumption, Shamcan engineers work late everyday to catch up with the schedule. Since the truck trailer movements have lots of instability when backing up, this increases the degree of R&D difficulty. During the promoting of the project, all departments work together and resolve key technical difficulties including semi trailer backing up movement modeling, included angle of main trailer, trailer movement blind area etc. Besides that, we also develop hierarchical predictive control algorithm, using virtual simulation scene technology iteratively developing the algorithm.

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With times practice test, the vehicle movement angle error is below 1 degree. Semi truck trailer can backing in the right place, with trailer tail horizontally deviated from the centre line below 20 cm. The solution is applied with different wheelbase trailers including box truck and dropsied trailers in high stability. Auto-parking system performance has already reached the goal we set up for the project.



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