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Shacman Disinfection Spray Truck Direct Offer from China Factory

Due to the current situation caused by Covid-19, disinfection turns to be very important things as the basic protection to prevent the spreading of the virus.  As the spray truck manufacturer in China staying in the field for over 50 years, Shacman develops the latest H3000 6X4 disinfection spay truck which could spray disinfectant in different way. It could spray at the floor or at the air, with 10 cubic meter tank. Spraying distance could be as far as 80 meters. Customer have wide option on power train system including the truck engine, gearbox and axle. Our disinfection truck were widely used in the covid virus flight in Wuhan.

Shacman Disinfection Spray Truck Direct Offer from China Factory


Driving System: 6X4
Engine: Weichai
Horse Power: 340 HP
Emission Standard: Euro II
Gearbox: FAST
Tank Size: 10 cubic meter tank
Spray Distance: 80 meters


Special Disinfectant Spray truck, using for the protection of covid virus, 10 cubic meter tanker, and 80 meters spray distance Below is the detail specifications. Please email for best price.

Item Cab Type Sleeper Cab
Wheel Base 3775 + 1400 mm
Drive System 6×4
Engine Model WP10.340E22
Horse Power 340HP
Displacement 9.726L
Number of Cylinder 6
Max Torque 1250 N.m
Max.Torque Speed 1400 -1600 rpm
Weight Empty Vehicle Weight
Load Weight
Max Weight(GVW) 50 Ton
Transmission Model 10JSD180+QH50
Type 10 forward and 1 reverse speed
Frame(mm) 850×300(8+7)
Rear Axle 16T MAN double reduction 5.92
Middle Axle MAN 9.5T
Suspension(Front/Rear) Multi leaf springs + 4 pcs U-bolt
Tire(Front/Rear) 12.00R20
Fuel Tank Material IRON
Capacity 380L
Calculated Performance Max. Speed(km/h) 75
Fuel Saving Speed(km/h) 45-55
1.This vehicle specifications may differ per country and allow for producton tolerance.
2.Curb vehicle weight includes weight of oil. fuel, coolant and spare tire carrier & bracket, spare tire but exclude standard tool set.
3.Tinfor Automobile Co.,Ltd reserves the right of making change in specifications without notice at any time

Introduction of Shacman dump trucks including F2000/F3000/H3000/X3000. F2000/F3000 are the most popular dump truck model in both domestic and oversea markets.


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Product: Shacman Disinfection Spray Truck Direct Offer from China Factory

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