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Shacman Golden Power Supply Chain, good or bad?

September 15, 2019  |  306 views

In China trucking industry, Shacman is famous for its Golden Power Supply Chain(GPSC), which is consist of Weichi Engine, Fast Gerbox and Hande Axle. For most Chinese heavy duty truck manufacturers, they are more than grateful to the GPSC. Heavy truck manufacturers configured their products with it more or less in the business start or the fast growing period. At the same time, it brings another problem of product homogeneity.

Shacman Heavy Truck Supply Chain

The History of GPSC

As the biggest heavy duty truck engine manufacturer, Wiechai Group strives to create its trucking empire all these years.

In 2003, Weichai Group built Hande Axle together with Shacman, while in 2005, it became the shareholder of Shacman and Fast. With the collection of truck engine, gearbox, axle and finished heavy trucks, Weichai Group forms its unique GPSC for Shacman.

The contribution of GPSC

  • Promote the upgrade of China commercial vehicle power.

Take the heavy truck for example, before the GPSC, 300HP was the truck engine power limit. Most heavy duty trucks were overload due to the leakage of power. Less power means lower transportation efficiency.

The coming of GPSC brought the breakthrough of truck engine power and we turned to Heavy Truck in the true sense. 300HP was not the bottleneck any more. Truck engine stepped to a higher level, which is 350HP, 400HP, 450HP, 500HP or more. Increasing power pushed the prosperity on logistic industry. GPSC became the fashion configuration as well.

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  • Solid the heavy truck manufacturer survival basis.

Some people said, without the GPSC more than half of the Chinese heavy truck brands would have disappreared. Here we could see the importance of GPSC. It has been the quality guarantee and selling point for some truck manufactures.

  • GPSC Make it possible for new comers’ entering in trucking industry

Auman is not the only heavy truck manufacturers who grow up quickly under the support of GPSC. As the new comers, XCMG and SANY also saved huge time and energy when they select GPSC as the standard configuration. The entrance of new brands brings more choice for consumers. Some new comers might become the market leader in the future. We could not skip the effort of GPSC.

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Side Effect of GPSC

With GPSC available in the market, the heavy truck manufacturing work seems to be easier. In case you could assembly the cab, you could be the heavy duty truck manufacturer immediately. Or you might not need to assembly on your own, buy it from the truck cab manufacturer, and assembly it with the GPSC. The side effect is that GPSC lower the threshold as a heavy truck manufacturer, resulting in the product homogeneity of heavy trucks. Some truck manufacturers are less innovative and give up the upgradation on creativity and technology. The market might go to price competition instead of technologies. Tough competition on price might However, this is not healthy for the full development of the trucking industry.

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We could see that it has no doubt that GPSC made huge contribution on the development of China trucking industry. Without it, some commercial vehicle manufacturers might not be able to get rid of weakness and tough. On 8th Jan, 2019, Weichai released the latest GPSC version: Weichai 13G Engine + Fast 1810 integrated AMT gearbox + Hande HDZ425 single reduction axle. Here it goes the new technology upgradation. We could see, the GPSC is growing up all the time, together with the Chinese heavy duty truck brands.

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