Blog 2019 Market Performance of China Top Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturers

2019 Market Performance of China Top Heavy Duty Truck Manufacturers

January 4, 2020  |  302 views

In the past 2019, heavy duty truck industry got rapid growth. China heavy duty truck sold 1.168 million units in the whole year, with 2% year-on-year light growth.  Here we list the sales performance of the top largest heavy duty truck manufacturers in China.

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FAW keeps its head market position for years with market shares of 23.7% in 2019. It sold 261,013 units heavy trucks in total, getting 6% growth comparing with the sales performance in 2018.

Dongfeng did great adjustment on sales chanels, which result in the rapid growth on sales. Among all the 4 Chinese heavy duty truck builders, Dongfeng made the biggest progress in the market.

Shacman keeps its 3rd market position with market shares of 16% and sales volume of 189,706 units. In 2020, Shacman targets to achieve the anual goal of 20,0000 units.

Sinotruk market shares drops 1% in 2019, which is the only heavy truck brands declining its share. But it has sold 172,099 units in total, which is not bad.

FAW, Dongfeng, Shacman and Sinotruk have the 75% market. The remained Chinese truck brands like Foton, Hongyan, Jac,Beiben and Dayun share the left 25%.



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