Blog SHACMAN TRUCK LESSON: Why Weichai Engine turbocharger needs to work with intercooler?

SHACMAN TRUCK LESSON: Why Weichai Engine turbocharger needs to work with intercooler?

February 26, 2020  |  574 views

The Weichai truck engine will not work propertly if it’s only equipped with turbocharger. Intercooler is also the key part because it cools the turbocharger and make sure it could work efficiently.What is inercooler?
Actually, intercooler is like heat radiator functioning on cooling the intake air in the engine. It looks like water cooler with air flowing inside to cool the high temperature.

Why turbocharger must work with intercooler?
Turbocharger is pushed by the engine exhaust which is high temperature. Besides it, the turbocharger works under extremely high speed which makes its temperature higher.
The air which is pressured by turbocharger is standing the large hot which is transmitted by the turbocharger, also its temperature get higher due to the pressure. The higher temperature, the lower air density, the lower oxygen content. This leads to the lower engine working efficiency.
This is why the engineers developed the intercooler.

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Turbocharger Under High Temperature

2 Main Intercooler TYPE
The general intercooler has 2 types, water intercooler and air intercooler. Both are applied widely in the manufacture of heavy duty truck with its own advantage.
Air Intercooler
It’s hang over the truck head. When the truck is in work, the air will go to the turbocharger from the intercooler and exchange the heat.
Advantage: simply structure and great cooling. But it has to be installed on the front of the vehicle, which makes the air intake pipe stronger. Pollution piled up over time which results in the lower cooling efficiency. So this type intercooler requires high frequency maintenance.

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Volvo Air Intercooler

Water Intercooler
It shares the same cooling water tank with the engine. Few truck model is also equipped with individual water tank.
Advantage: The pipe could be installed flexibily. It could be installed near the engine and reduce the long intake piple length. Since it hasn’t been revealed on the air, it could be clean. But the installation is more complicated.

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