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Shacman Vehicle Management System – Shacman Telematics

July 13, 2021  |  465 views

SHACMAN Telematics is the self-developed truck managing system. Lunched in 2011, the Shacman Telematics has served for 450,000 truck units in oversea market, being the largest vehicle networking platform. Shacman Telematics concentrates on the completed customer management like real-time tracking, remote management, vehicle operating data.

shacman telematics

Shacman Truck Managing System

How will Shacman Telematics Benefit You?

1) Know the truck location anytime.
Customer can know the truck location anytime and it will be easy to management the fleet.
Shacman Truck Management System

2) Know the Shacman truck track history anytime.
Based on this information, it will be much more simple to optimize the vehicle route. Customer can also evaluate the vehicle productivity.

3) Know the fuel consumption any time
With this fuction, it will be easier to find how the truck fuel consumption. Customer will know if the truck operation cost is acceptable or not. The system also inspects the change of fuel, if there is anyone steal the fuel, it can be easiler found out at Telematics report.
Shacman truck fuel consumption

4) Know the driver’s driving behaviors anytime
In the Shacman Telematics, you will find out the driver’s driving report as well. On this report, customer will have the complete overview on the driver’s behaviors. For example, if the truck is over-speed, if the engine is cold-starting, if there is rapid acceleration or deceleration etc. This could be the proof for driver’s working performance as well.
Shacman Telematics-driver's behaviors



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