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Shacman LNG truck

Fuel Cost Difference between CNG truck, LNG truck and Diesel truck

With the fast development of power system, CNG and LNG trucks are more and more popular nowadays. Some customers are not very sure on fuel cost difference between the three. They are quite hesitated to make choice. Today we are going to do some analysis to help your understanding. Let’s suppose CNG truck, LNG truck …

heavy duty truck manufacturing process

Video: Have a Look at Shacman Truck Production Line

As the top trucking companies in China, Shacman established the largest heavy duty truck manufacturing plant.  In this video, we’ll show you how a high technology heavy duty truck manufacturing factory look like.

semi truck trailer manufacturer

Lightweight Shacman H3000 Semi Tractor Truck Manufacturer 400HP 6X4 55T Trailer

Shacman has over 50 years history of semi truck manufacuturing and production. Its semi-trailer trucks are the most popular types among all the trucks. They are able to cater to most of your transport demands even under tough working enviroment. Shacman semi trailer trucks have a miximum GVW of about 120 Ton.

China dump truck for sale

China Best Dump Truck for Construction 50Ton 6X4 400HP 5.6m Body Eaton Gearbox

Dump trucks play an essential role in the construction industry. With so many different types of dump trucks available in Tinfor Automobile, you’ll need to do is to send us your request. Professional engieering team will custom the most fitted dump trucks for your jobs.

Shacman China Tow Truck Manufacturer 8X4 50 Ton 340HP

Shacman China Tow Truck Manufacturer 8X4 50 Ton 340HP

For the right mix of power, performance and value, Shacman F3000 8X4 tow truck is the intelligent choice for heavy duty integrated towing and recovery equipment. The key components are from world class top leading vendors, fabricated from high yield steel to minimize weight to allow for more legal payload while maximizing strength and durability.

manufactuer of dump trucks

VIDEO: Fully overloaded Chinese dump truck Shacman moving soil in worse condition

If you’re like most onsite system contractors, you buy a dump truck for one reason — to make money. An unreliable dump truck might be a disaster. It could destroy your business easily. The best way to do that is to resist the temptation to buy more performance than you need, yet also avoid skimping …

China heavy duty truck maker

Why do all made-in-China heavy trucks come with flat nose?

    People might see in China, the heavy duty trucks running on road always come with very flat nose, while in some European countries, it might be more popular for long hood trucks. Why it’s so different?     Suppose the truck total length is the same, a cabover truck could bring the longer …

Shacman Golden Power Supply Chain, good or bad?

Shacman Golden Power Supply Chain, good or bad?

In China trucking industry, Shacman is famous for its Golden Power Supply Chain(GPSC), which is consist of Weichi Engine, Fast Gerbox and Hande Axle. For most Chinese heavy duty truck manufacturers, they are more than grateful to the GPSC. Heavy truck manufacturers configured their products with it more or less in the business start or …


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