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Hazardous Material Transportation Truck Explosion, what should we learn as the semi truck manufacturer

June 13, 16: 46, a Chinese semi truck with plate number zhe CM9535 carrying liquefied gas got explosion when drove on highway. The gas tank got 2nd explosion after being throwing away from the truck and smashes a manufacturing facility. This accident caused 20 deaths and 172 hurts in total, and also the uncalculated financial …

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Shacman F2000 340HP 4×2 Semi Truck 25TON Best Semi Truck Manufacturers

Factory sale of Shacman F2000 4×2 Conventional Semi truck, with GCC, CEC, CCC, VTA, EAC certified.

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Lightweight Shacman H3000 Semi Tractor Truck Manufacturer 400HP 6X4 55T Trailer

Shacman has over 50 years history of semi truck manufacuturing and production. Its semi-trailer trucks are the most popular types among all the trucks. They are able to cater to most of your transport demands even under tough working enviroment. Shacman semi trailer trucks have a miximum GVW of about 120 Ton.

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12 Cubic Meter F3000 8X4 380HP Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Manufacturer

Concrete mixer trucks ranging from 6 to 12 cubic meter capacity mixer drums. A range of models are available, based on chassis specy, offering various mixing and discharging capabilities according to customers’ specific needs

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375HP 8X4 Wheeler Shacman F3000 Dump Truck 70Ton Euro III Double Framed

375HP 70Ton 8X4 Dump Truck with max GVW 70 TON, it has got the power you need to take on tough job

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Top tractor trailer companies Shacman X3000 6X4 55Ton EURO II 430HP

Tractor Head made by Chinese top truck manufacturer Shacman, hydraulic retarder brake available. Classic Weichai Engine + Fast Gearbox + Hande Axle, high precisely installation technology.

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Tractor 400HP 4X2 GCW 50TON Shacman F3000 Truck Trailer Manufacturers Suppliers

F3000 Shacman 400HP & GCW 50 Ton Tractor Truck, designed for highway transportation, max speed 100km/h.


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