Blog SHACMAN TRUCK LESSON: Five Reasons Lead to The Water in Engine Oil

SHACMAN TRUCK LESSON: Five Reasons Lead to The Water in Engine Oil

February 2, 2020  |  726 views

The mixing of water in motor oil is the common defect in the truck maintenance. If we do not get out the water in time, it might lead to heavy result, forexample, the deformation of crankshaft and connecting rod, shaking of the engine, or even the engine scrap.

But how do we know if the water get into the engine oil and how can we stop it?

A.   Water leakage of engine cup plug

Due to the rusty of engine cup plug which is made by scale, water will go to engine inside from waterway to oilway. This is the most common reason we have seen. So it’s very necessary to check the engine cup plug regularly.

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B.  Damage of engine oil heat sink

When the oil heat sink is get damaged, the water from the outside will get Infiltrated into the inside.

C.   Crack on cylinder liner

When water coolant get contacted with the cylinder liner, it will result in crack, where the water will get into the cylinder from it. This situation is not very often. But if you do not add antifreeze in water coolant in winter, especially in cold area, the crack will happen possibly.

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D.     Damage of cylinder sealing ring

This is another common reason. When do trouble shooting, it’s important to check if the cylinder ring is damaged.

E.    Damage of cylinder gasket

If the cylinder gasket gets damaged, the water will get into the oilway due to the quick water cycle. This is also the common reason lead to the water mix in engine oil. Everytime when we disassembly the engine, it’s better to use new gasket instead of the old one, to avoid this problem.

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