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Top 10 Chinese Truck Manufacturers Sales Performance in 2020

February 3, 2021  |  379 views

According to the data collected by China Automobile Industry Community, China manufactured 5,231,000 units with 20% annual increasing and sold 5,133,000 units commercial vehicles with 18.7% annual increasing. As the index data, heavy duty truck market receives a lot of attention. In 2020, total 1,620,000 heavy duty trucks have been sold, with 37.9% increasing. This is a historic high record. However, it means the heavy duty truck has been sold over 1 million 3 years in a row.

In early 2020, the sudden coming of covid-19 virus pressed pause to the whole society. The market went back to normal from the 2nd season, with a extremely rapid increasing on both Year on year sales of single month and month on month sales. In 3rd and last season, the month sales hit historic high.

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The top 10 best selling Chinese heavy duty truck brands are: FAW, Dongfeng, Sinotruk, Shacman, Foton, Hongyan, JAC, Dayun, XCMG and Beiben.

FAW who focused on domestic market only, sold 376,000 units in total in 2020, with 36.7% raising. This is the 4th year as the number 1 most popular China truck brand.

Dongfeng comes the 2nd with total 311,000 units heavy trucks sold, raising 29.2%. As the state-own enterprise, Dongfeng stated its market power comprehensively

Sinotruk ranks the 3rd. Sinotruk has great experience in webcasting selling. It organized hundres of online videoing selling and enjoyed big success from it.

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Shacman ranks the 4th among all the Chinese truck manufacturers, with total 231,000 units sold, a increasing of 30.4%. Shacman launched its new flagship Delong X6000 in Oct 2020 and won great attention with its unique over 20 key technologies. X6000 is configured with 4 versions to adopt the application from high end transportation, logistic, hazardous chemicals transportation and other segmenting market.

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