Products Semi Truck Top tractor trailer companies Shacman X3000 6X4 55Ton EURO II 430HP

Top tractor trailer companies Shacman X3000 6X4 55Ton EURO II 430HP

Tractor Head made by Chinese top truck manufacturer Shacman, hydraulic retarder brake available. Classic Weichai Engine + Fast Gearbox + Hande Axle, high precisely installation technology.

Top tractor trailer companies Shacman X3000 6X4 55Ton EURO II 430HP

Basic Feature

Driving System: 6x4
Engine: Weichai
Horse Power: 430HP
Emission Standard: Euro II
Gearbox: FAST
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 55 Ton

Item Cab Type Sleeper Cab
Wheel Base 3175+1400 mm
Drive System 6×4
Engine Model WP12.430E201
Horse Power 430 HP
Displacement 11.6L
Number of Cylinder 6
Max Torque 2060 N.m
Max.Torque Speed 1000 -1400 rpm
Weight Empty Vehicle Weight
Load Weight
Max. Gross Vehicle Weight * 55 Ton
Transmission Model 12JSD200T-B(Aluminum)
Type 12 forward and 2 reverse speed
Frame(mm) (940-850)×300(Single 8) mm
Rear Axle 13T MAN single reduction 3.364
Middle Axle MAN 7.5T
Suspension(Front/Rear) Mono leaf springs
Tire(Front/Rear) 12R22.5
Fuel Tank Material Aluminum
Capacity 400L
Calculated Performance Max. Speed(km/h)
Fuel Saving Speed(km/h) 10-20
1.This vehicle specifications may differ per country and allow for producton tolerance.
2.Curb vehicle weight includes weight of oil. fuel, coolant and spare tire carrier & bracket, spare tire but exclude standard tool set.
3.Tinfor Automobile Co.,Ltd reserves the right of making change in specifications without notice at any time
  •  Rear & Middle 25Ton Hande Axle

Primary and secondary gear single stage reduction, high transmission efficiency, 5|0000Nm high torque output

  • Strong Bearing Fast Gearbox

Large gear ratio range allows for adaptability to various working conditions as well as strong climbing ability. Small difference in gear ratios allows better fuel efficiency. Full aluminum alloy shell lightweight product technology based on advanced finite element analysis, noise analysis, sophisticated aluminum alloy die casting technology and equipment, precision CNC machining and strict bench test and road test.

  • High Technology Weichai Engine

High horsepower engine combined with AVL and BOSCH building the golden power. Engines are custom made for SHACMAN vehicles with intelligent energy saving system that can automatically adjust to vehicle weight.

  • European Standard, Military Technology

Vehicle technology derived from European MAN platform, 46 years of military vehicle manufacturing ideals.

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Product: Top tractor trailer companies Shacman X3000 6X4 55Ton EURO II 430HP

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