Blog Why do all made-in-China heavy trucks come with flat nose?

Why do all made-in-China heavy trucks come with flat nose?

October 2, 2019  |  250 views

    People might see in China, the heavy duty trucks running on road always come with very flat nose, while in some European countries, it might be more popular for long hood trucks. Why it’s so different?
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    Suppose the truck total length is the same, a cabover truck could bring the longer truck body than the long hood trucks. Also it could have larger load capacity as well. Besides that, cab-over trucks are also more flexible when the trucks turn a corner. Last but not least, without the long nose, the driver view is wider.
    Long hood trucks separate the engine and the cabin. That’s why its truck engine maintenance is easier and the cabin is more comfort. With the engine in front, if the truck hit something, the long nose could protect the driver more or less. In this way, the driver safety is improved.
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     In China and some Asia countries, the cabover trucks are more popular. In these countries, their roads are narraw and their population density higher. It decides that people need more flexibility on the busy roads. In USA or Austrualia, the situation is opposite, wide road and low population density. Drivers need more comforts in their long journey.



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